Warrants are forms of authorization issued by judges that enable law enforcement officers to either search a suspect’s property and look for evidence or arrest an offender and ensure that he appears before the judge. Warrants, as explained by a Los Angeles warrant lawyer, are usually given out if someone faces criminal charges, proven to be in contempt of the court, or did not appear in court for sentencing purposes.

The warrants issued for the purpose of conducting an investigation, within a suspect’s home or property, are called search warrants. Search warrants also authorize seizure of any object that may be used as evidence against the suspect.

In the event that an offender decides to flee from his home when police officers arrive, the police can pursue him and enter any building the offender enters without needing search warrants. A Los Angeles warrant lawyer may also inform people that search warrants or arrest warrants are not required in emergency situations.

For example, a victim cries for help inside a house and police officers either hear the screams or are notified by concerned citizens. The police officers may search the property and arrest the suspect without needing to present search warrants. Likewise, police officers also do not need warrants to stop vehicles and do their searches if they have reason enough to believe that those vehicles hold illegal stuff or even crime evidence.
Southern California criminal attorneys refer to warrants that aim to arrest an offender to make sure he appears in court as bench warrants.

Bench warrants may not only be given to suspected criminals, but also to witnesses who did not appear in court for the trials.

Southern California criminal attorneys may also confirm that there are the so called warrant recalls.

Examples of warrant recalls are arrest warrant recalls and bench warrant recalls. For instance, a defendant lives outside of the state where the case is being held. The defendant can hire a Los Angeles warrant lawyer who will make the appearance in place of the defendant, but this can only be done in misdemeanor cases. Of course, the Los Angeles warrant lawyer first has to notify the judge and request for a bench warrant recall or an arrest warrant recall.

More often than not, requests for warrant recalls are granted by the courts. This is because warrants were just made as an assurance that defendants appear in court, or that the rights of suspects are still upheld even when searching or seizing their properties for crime evidence.

In situations wherein warrants have been issued against you, or if you have the need for warrant recalls, it is a smart step for you to hire a Los Angeles warrant lawyer. By entrusting your case to an expert, you may be more at ease knowing that there is someone knowledgeable who can definitely safeguard your rights.

Warrants and warrant recalls do not mean that the end has come for as long as you have a Los Angeles warrant lawyer who may be able to take good care of your case.