Post Conviction Relief

Post Conviction Relief is a the method of changing the results on your criminal record after it has been already implemented. Using different methods, one can change what the official outcome of a criminal conviction is at a later date. This is beneficiary to those who for multitude of reasons need their criminal records to not reflect a certain conviction. Most commonly now days, thisis a method to avoid the immigration consequences of convictions for certain crimes.

There are several methods for achieving post conviction relief. Depending on the needs for the the post conviction matter, it will affect the method used to achieve this.

Some methods for post conviction relief will completely erase the conviction, while others may change the sentence or whether it is a misdemeanor or felony. As it is said before, the method to be used for post conviction relief is determined by the needs. Other methods like expungement, only affect the ability of the public to view the criminal record.

If you are seeking post conviction relief for immigration purposes, please read our section on post conviction relief for immigration purposes.
Methods of Post Conviction Relief:

• Expungement
• Vacate Judgment
• Vacate Plea/Withdraw Plea

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