Booking Process

Being convicted of a crime in a criminal court may result to paying a fine, being sentenced to prison, or both. On the other hand, being convicted of a crime because of a civil case may not really result to being put to jail; the most common punishment for civil cases include paying fines and surrendering your property as required. Prior to being sent to a hearing, some procedures may have to be followed; the process of booking and posting bail are among those criminal procedures.

Booking Explained

The process of booking, as your Los Angeles criminal lawyer will tell you, is not really the scary part of being arrested. Booking is just the administrative process of the criminal procedure wherein the arrestee’s information is taken. The information recorded usually includes the following:

  • The arrestee’s name
  • The arrestee’s address
  • The arrestee’s contact numbers
  • The type of crime charged to the arrestee

The process of booking also includes obtaining the arrestee’s fingerprint data as well as taking a photograph of the arrestee. The booking process also ensures that all the information pertaining to the arrest is recorded into the so called police log, otherwise known as blotter. This is also the time wherein the arrestee or defendant is given necessary information about the crime being charged.

Booking is the part in criminal procedures wherein the defendant is given a chance to make one phone call to his family, or his Los Angeles criminal lawyer. The defendant’s personal items will also be taken into custody such as belts, accessories, etc., afterwards he’ll have to remain in a prison cell while awaiting hearing before the magistrate.

People who have been charged with misdemeanors on the other hand will not be put to jail, but may be required to pay a cash bond while assuring the police that they will be appearing once summoned. Take note too that booking may also be done without needing the presence of a Los Angeles criminal attorney.