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Advocates File The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act of 2012 In California

On August Twenty two, The new year cannabis regulation reform recommends inside Ca submitted Your Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Behave of Next year, that today brains for the Express Attorney General's office for any title and synopsis. Beyond this concept it's going to begin the actual unique accumulating period.The work will make around 3 lbs associated with marijuana control legitimate regarding grown ups, or a ten-by-ten base back garden.

People v. Larkins

Trial court did not abuse its discretion in allowing lay witness to testify that he recognized man depicted in security video as defendant because he had seen defendant in 20-30 videos from other gyms even though witness had never seen defendant in person.
People v. Larkins - filed October 4, 2011, Fourth District, Div. Two
Cite as 2011 S.O.S. 5437

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